Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Attorney-General's No. 1 Priority

Fresh from his swearing-in yesterday, Attorney-General Tommy Thomas (left) has named his No. 1 priority – to nab the crooks responsible for 1MDB. 

"The government's first and immediate priority is all matters pertaining to 1MDB", he expressed that lucidly and judiciously. He promised to study the papers on the scandal and begin working on instituting criminal and civil proceedings against the alleged wrongdoers. 

He added: "All are equal before the law and no one will be spared. There will be no cover up". 

Be warned, Najib Razak! The end is nigh! 

And while Tommy Thomas is at it, please do not spare those who conspired to erase 1MDB from our collective consciousness. Those who have abetted the plunderer(s) should also be severely punished  every single one of them, starting with Apandi Ali and Najib's cabinet.

Last evening, I went to Klang to be at the Klang Bilingual Toastmasters meeting, And I didn’t regret being there because it was a thoroughly enjoyable meeting. 

To meet members who are enthusiastic about learning, who showed in their own speeches their earnestness to grow and become good communicators and even public speakers – and yet, added to all of this, I was quietly smothered by the members' genuine warmth and awesome congeniality – that is, in my books, the makings of a good Toastmasters club. 

To be honest, it has been quite some time since I sensed this raw energy that just seemed to radiate so randomly and unreservedly from this unblemished cluster of Toastmasters. I  can't put my finger on it but I liked their innocence and I was drawn in. 

I felt good inside. I felt good about Toastmasters. I felt energized by this wholesome experience. Simply amazing!

Indeed, I was glad I could make it.

Thanks for having me as your General Evaluator!

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