Monday, June 11, 2018

Rosmah Mansor's Plain Jane Look

On June 05, 2018, Rosmah Mansor (right), the flamboyant wife of disgraced Najib Razak pulled off a stunt that made the ground under her trembled, shook and quaked. 

She bravely faced the public with her plain Jane look! 

No make-up. No Botox injections. No hormone-based anti-aging serum. No nothing. 

You have got to salute her courage. 

But perhaps it wasn’t too difficult for her. She probably craved the publicity more than anything else. She is a narcissist, after all.

So, no stunt is too outrageous, no step too shocking so long as it keeps her in the public eye. 

Besides, she had no choice. She had to drop in to MACC as instructed. 

Anyway, at least the media was happy and they took lots of photos of her – many of these images are now littered on Facebook. 

She even managed to flaunt a smile when she caught the glare of paparazzi camera flashes. 

But I was really distressed, even furious that Singapore’s Dr Siew Tuck Wah who specializes in injectable and non-invasive medical aesthetics was being crass and cheap when he described Rosmah as the poster girl of bad plastic surgery procedures. 

He said she is the living example of what medical aesthetic procedures should NOT result in.

[Read what he wrote on Rosmah @]. 

He was being boorish! Uncouth! Unkind!

Of course, we all know that the aesthetic procedures and facial cosmetic treatments will take a toll on her eventually. Rosmah needs regular maintenance, that’s all. 

Whatever it is, Malaysians get to see this unglamorous “person” up close.

Oops, wrong pic. Sorry!!! 

Here are pics of the FLOM herself, Rosmah Mansor:

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