Monday, June 4, 2018

Rosmah Mansor is Super-Rich Too

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On May 27, 2018, Sarawak Report warned Malaysians that they should be prepared for the discovery that the vast sum of money found at disgraced Najib Razak’s properties in the KL Pavillion Residences (RM114 million) was merely petty, housekeeping cash, compared to what the lady of the house was hoarding in her many bank accounts over the years. 

SR believe it amounted to billions of ringgit! 

The website had already revealed back in 2015 how errand boy Roslan bin Sohari (right) had paid a total of RM2 million, through eight separate transactions, into Rosmah’s Affin Bank account No. 1000 2000 0058, between February and April 2015 alone. 

The hireling had allegedly brought in the money in cold, hard cash! 

In fact, SR believe her “savings” have topped RM4 billion ringgit, but that much has been transported out. In which case, investigators and asset tracers certainly have their work cut out. 

Malaysians will want to see that money returned – surely it belongs to the rakyat. 

Of course, I do not wish to give currency to the stories being circulated on social media that this ‘First Lady’ (left) had been getting her fat grubby fingers into every government contract going – from armament purchases to development deals to sales of state lands – and some had the audacity to even claim that she had benefited from anything up to 60% on the profits just so the “business interests” who had patiently lined up in the queue could secure her hubby’s precious signature. 

Her former close confidant and business partner on these shady deals, Deepak Jaikashan (left), is on record saying her stated ambition in life was to top the wealth of the Sultan of Brunei.

Thanks to the investigations now under way, Malaysians may soon discover how super-rich Rosmah really is!

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