Sunday, June 10, 2018

Opposition Admit They Lack Intelligence

Gerakan deputy Youth chief Andy Yong Kim Seng yesterday publicly admitted the Opposition lack members with intelligence. 

Be careful about making sweeping statements like this because hey, you are included too. 

The rest of Malaysia understood that it was just a question of time before Barisan Nasional collapse like a house of cards. 

When members are so easily duped by their own party leaders who were fed dedak by Najib Razak – wouldn’t you call that stupidity? 

So, if you were already stupid then, wouldn’t you still be stupid now? 

Heck, you are going to discover that Life is tough. Tougher if you’re stupid. 

Having said the above, I want to be optimistic. Even if they are on the wrong side of the fence, they are still fellow Malaysians!

But, Gerakan should stay dead. After all, what contribution did they make during pre-GE14? 

As I have said, BN parties were helpless and hopeless. 

On Saturday, I was in Menara Centara in Jalan TAR, KL for the TMIKL Toastmasters meeting. 

I was there to deliver my CC speech #8 titled “The Shoe” – featuring you guessed it, a shoe and a cockroach! This was my project speech no. 599 in Toastmasters and my CC round #48.

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