Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Najib Chronicles #03: Money, Money, Money

At the point of writing, despicable Najib Razak (right) is still a free man. 

It looks like the 1MDB saga is sure to take a long time to wrap up.

As at May 25, 2018, police had searched 12 different locations and recorded 30 statements. 

Police also carted away 72 bags and 284 'handbag' boxes from the Pavilion Residences. 

Thirty-five of the bags contained RM114 million worth of cash. In 26 different currencies. 

And the two largest currencies were in Ringgit and Singaporean dollars. 

It took 21 bank officials and 11 counting machines to tally the total amount seized. 

Altogether, police took three days to count the seized cash. From May 21 to 23. 

The remaining 37 bags contained gold bars, jewellery and watches – and which have yet to be authenticated and valued. 

Another half million ringgit in cash was also confiscated from Najib’s Langgak Duta mansion in Jalan Duta. 

According to a police document previously sighted by Channel NewsAsia, 52 branded bags, 10 luxury watches, and cash in multiple currencies including RM537,000 were confiscated from his home. 

Anyway, Najib's police report – where amongst other things, he had purportedly claimed that the cash seized from one of the residences were cash donations from his friends and were meant for Barisan Nasional's election campaign. 

(Somebody, please inform him that GE14 was already over when the cash was discovered!)

UMNO too had come forward to lay claim to all that cash. The money seized from Najib-linked raids actually belonged to the party, insisted the party's Strategic Communications Unit.

The explanation given was that these monies were donations for the 14th General Election, and are also meant for UMNO's management.

(When it involves money  Najib's flunkies would surely want their share of the loot).

The Pavilion Residences became the focus of the news media once more on Thursday after a 24-second mobile phone-shot footage showed a row of luxury vehicles in the condominium’s basement car park was uploaded on social media on Wednesday. 

Two Bentleys, a Rolls Royce, a BMW and a Mercedes Benz – all allegedly owned by disgraced Najib. 

A scoop I came across had mentioned a 2011 Bentley (license plate WVQ11), as belonging to Najib and another Bentley (license plate WYC7) was apparently registered under the name, Daniyar Kessikbayev (left). 

The 2-door light blue Rolls Royce Phantom (license plate WLE7) was also reputedly registered under the latter. 

The note even highlighted that Najib’s son-in-law had used 2 different passport numbers for his cars’ registrations. 

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission have been busy too  not only the police.

The former prime minister had already been summoned twice to meet with them. On May 22 and 24. 

And on Tuesday, it is Rosmah Mansor’s turn. As we say, padan muka!

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