Thursday, June 21, 2018

China Must Be Fair to Malaysia

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MCA were shameless in using Chinese President Xi Jinping’s image during the GE14 campaign period.

I don’t know if Xi or his Chinese envoy knew about it. If the latter did, I would have expected him to order the BN party to take the billboard(s) down. 

Since none was removed – I am assuming Bai Tian (right) didn’t know. Or didn’t want to know. 

Anyway, this blogpost shall remind him how his country’s paramount leader had been milked and used by overbold and unprincipled politicians here in Malaysia. 

MCA politicians like the eunuch Liow Tiong Lai are the scum of the earth. 

Every time I see this pic, it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. 

But as Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said, the country wants good ties with Beijing and even welcomes investments from China – but we don’t like to be made fools of. 

Mahathir and others in Pakatan Harapan have railed against Chinese-backed mega projects in the country – and even accused Najib Razak’s government of “selling” Malaysia to China. 

And all for what – but to settle the huge 1MDB debts. 

It seems that Najib did such a good job of selling because he secured about $34.2 billion worth of deals from China.

Of course lah. When you negotiate lopsided deals where we get the money but we give everything else to China – sure easy wad! 

The whole idea of receiving foreign investments is that they facilitate job-creation and technology transfer as well as providing capital to enhance existing industries and/or finance new industries. Meaning, they help us reach our economic potential. 

In fact, Mahathir told the South China Morning Post that the 688-km East Coast Rail Link project is one example of a deal that did not actually benefit Malaysia. 

I must also mention that it was offered without tender to the China Communications Construction Company. 

Mahathir had criticized its RM55 billion price tag – believe me, that number is grossly understated! – and voiced alarm that the main contractor would source the bulk of its labour and material from China, as had been the case with many other Chinese-linked projects. 

“When it involves giving contracts to China, borrowing huge sums of money from China, and the contract goes to China, and China contractors prefer to use their own workers from China, use everything imported from China, even the payment is not made here, it’s made in China… that kind of contract is not something that I welcome”, he told SCMP bluntly.

Besides, Mahathir declared that there’s nothing to be afraid of with regard to China. He said, we have been neighbours for 2,000 years. And for good measure, he added, you haven’t conquered us yet! 

So there you have it. I dare to say we are pro-China and we consider China as our good friend – but please, don’t take advantage of that friendship!

I don't believe I'm wrong in saying that China have to compromise – to keep Malaysia projects going. They should.

The World Cup are seeing some unexpected results and which can only make this football extravaganza more interesting and perhaps, more thrilling even.

On Monday, in Group F, Sweden beat South Korea 1-0 and in Group G, England beat Tunisia 2-1. 

The day after, in Group A, Russia again won when they swept aside Egypt 3-1, and in Group H, Colombia surrendered 1-2 to Japan.

Yesterday, in a Group A match, Luis Suarez (right) marked his 100th international cap by sending Uruguay through to the last 16 with a 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia. 

And Suarez became the only Uruguayan in history to score at three World Cups! 

In Group B, Portugal ousted Morocco 1-0 and Spain disposed Iran by the same margin.

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