Saturday, June 16, 2018

Betting on the Demise of Pakatan Harapan

There are people who are betting on the demise of Pakatan  Harapan.

An UMNO election hopeful, Lokman Noor Adam, believes it is only a matter of time before either Anwar Ibrahim or Mahathir Mohamad returns to UMNO, and foresees a breaking up of the PH government. 

Lokman, a former PKR insider, said there were already signs of serious unhappiness between the two PH strongmen. 

“It is either Mahathir or Anwar who will join UMNO first. There is no way Anwar can work with Mahathir”, he stubbornly insisted. 

He told FMT on June 14, 2018: “I can assure you the present government would not be together when their term ends”. (Pakatan Harapan are the federal government, and they will exercise power until the next elections, expected in 2023). 

You might ask why am I taking this person’s remarks seriously? 

I’m not but I wish to caution PH that he, and I’m certain, many others in UMNO too hope for Anwar and Mahathir to become estranged again, for the four Pakatan Harapan partners to go down the road as Pakatan Rakyat did and for the new Malaysia to fail. 

And this is because UMNO want to reassert their hegemony over the country. They see it as their right. 

I’m sure they still have their bag of tricks. They will infiltrate PH and do what they do best – corrupt as many as they can and in the process, destabilize PH.

Buy their way into power. Foster in-fighting. Create dissension. Whatever it takes. 

And from the outside, they will still use race and religion to undermine, to sabotage, to subvert. 

This Lokman even had the cheek to add: “When we are able to unite the Malays, the Chinese will come back to us. Even DAP would join us. The Chinese would know they would lose out representation in politics if they don’t join hands”. 

This guy is a loony. No wonder lah – he was from PKR but returned to UMNO’s embrace. 

That says it all! I think UMNO are really goners. 

On June 06, 2018, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Salahuddin Ayub (right) announced that Syarikat Padi Beras Nasional’s (Bernas) rice monopoly is to end. 

He said this will bring about an open market – meaning, Bernas will have to contend with competition. 

It will benefit consumers though because prices of the staple can be expected to come down. 

Rice-lovers ought to be happy to hear this news! 

Slowly but surely, the Pakatan Harapan government are dismantling Najib Razak's bad policies!

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