Saturday, June 2, 2018

Admonish with Love

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim (left) had asked Malaysians on Sunday to be critical against the government to ensure the administration and the policies implemented are on the right track. 

He reiterated that the public plays an important part in ensuring that the Pakatan Harapan government do not commit mistakes in administering the country. 

“I told Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that I will invite the people to monitor every elected representative and minister, including the deputy prime minister, who is also my wife”, he said. 

“This is our role right now, not to lambast, but to admonish with love so that this new administration will implement policies properly”. 

I’m sure the rakyat will enthusiastically embrace this responsibility. There is no going back to the dark days, that's for sure. 

If we must criticize, castigate and chastise – we must. No holding back now.

On Monday, I was at Rumah Puspanita in KL’s Jalan Hose, having received an invitation from VPE Lyann Wong to speak at the NAWEM Toastmasters meeting.

I delivered a CC #2 speech titled “Indecisive”.  This is my CC round #48.

Believe it or not but this image (left) intruded into my consciousness when my name was called.

Prior to that, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to talk about. Still, I acquited myself well enough. The speech turned out to be both serious and funny!

This scary situation where I am clueless with regard to my speech topic has happened to me before. But I took it as a speaking challenge and I pulled it off. Not bad, eh? 

Oh yes, I had my first taste of black quinoa at this NAWEM meeting! Specially prepared by Celina Joseph for members and guests – a simple but wholesome meal. Of quinoa, edamame and chickpeas.

In case, you still don’t know, quinoa is a naturally gluten-free seed that behaves like a grain when cooked. And Najib Razak’s staple food, remember?

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