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A Nail-biting Whodunit

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A court decision on Monday which involved a civil suit brought by A Santamil Selvi against businessman Deepak Jaikishan could finally expose moves to silence the former’s late husband P Balasubramaniam (right) who was embroiled in Altantuya Shaariibuu’s murder more than a decade ago. 

Selvi’s case was that the defendants had conspired to force private investigator Bala to change his statutory declaration, so that former prime minister Najib Razak’s name could be omitted. 

[Bala's first statutory declaration which was made public on July 03, 2008 had alleged that Najib had links with the murdered Mongolian model. For the full details, kindly check out this link @].

The accused were primarily Najib and his wife Rosmah, two of Najib’s brothers, a business partner of Rosmah, Deepak Jaikashan, (whom she used as fixer for the occasion) and some lawyers, primarily Cecil Abraham and his son Sunil, who were close to Najib. 

Together, Selvi claimed, they had threatened, blackmailed and bribed Bala to flee the country with his family, after a night during which under extreme duress, he had to put his signature to a new declaration drawn up by Cecil Abraham (left) and son Sunil – and which had absolved Najib. 

In 2013 Bala returned to Malaysia and here, he retracted the said document that he was forced to sign – shortly before dying of a heart attack. 

In fact, Selvi had first filed a lawsuit in 2015 but it had been struck out by the High Court, the Court of Appeal and Federal Court. 

Selvi then filed another suit last year – supposedly under a different tort – claiming injury and loss of income – as a result of the family’s exile to India in 2008 that was triggered by Bala’s second statutory declaration. 

In response to the suit by Bala’s widow, Deepak filed a defence statement on October 25 last year which claimed that Najib and Rosmah (right) were the ones behind Bala’s forced departure from Malaysia. 

But scheming Najib had a second defence statement filed for Deepak by lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah (left) which said the couple was not involved. 

On a separate note, the Kuala Lumpur High Court had dismissed an application to strike out Selvi’s suit by Najib and six others. Deepak had also made the same application on his own. 

Note that there are many sub-plots that have made this whole case more than just a simple murder – and I don’t intend to give all the narratives because they will only confuse me and my readers! 

I tell you, this is a nail-biting screamer of a whodunit that's better than what Hollywood can ever dream up!

Suffice to say, on Monday, Deepak (right) withdrew his application to strike out Selvi’s suit and indicated that he will retract the ‘second’ statement and use the ‘first’. 

This will surely lead to a reopening of the Altantuya case which until today is mired in controversy. And who knows maybe, finally, we can find the missing pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that is Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Get your popcorn ready – the next installment of the show is about to begin.

Murder most foul! Image credit: Webpage, dated January 13, 2015

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