Thursday, May 17, 2018

'Tis the Season of Frogs

Jumping from one political party to another after having won an election can either bring you wealth or position or both. 

Most political parties see this as a necessary evil because to hold onto power or to seize power – you need to command the support of sufficient numbers of elected reps. It is a numbers game, after all.

Reputations don’t matter in this circumstance. Neither does credibility. Let's not forget that they are politicians! 

This is what is referred to as the frogging culture and the politicians who deserted their parties to join another are normally referred to as ‘frogs’. 

Of course, frogs try to justify party hopping – saying they are frogging in the interests of the rakyat. It’s just bullshit because nobody believes it. Not now. Not ever. Never. 

If you can recall in 2009 when three Pakatan Rakyat representatives, Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Foong, senior state Executive Council member Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Osman Jailu switched allegiance and thereby, caused the collapse of the Perak state government. 

The then PR menteri besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had requested the Sultan of Perak to dissolve the state legislative assembly and hold fresh elections but he didn’t agree. 

So, BN, with the support of the three defecting assemblypersons formed a new state government. 

It used to be that Opposition reps were enticed to leave their parties and, in almost all of the cases, they were paid off. 

Malaysians still remember DAP’s Hee who became an instant millionaire because she turned into a frog. 

Today, the situation is conversely different. BN elected reps are making a beeline for Pakatan Harapan. 

Six Sabahan ADUNs from UMNO and UPKO crossed over to join the Warisan-PH pact – the latter now command 35 state seats over BN’s 25. 

(If you had read my post titled "Jeffrey Kitingan's Betrayal" published May 11, 2018, you would learn that two STAR reps who were supposed to have joined up with Warisan-PH had hopped over to BN under Musa Aman instead. Warisan's Shafie Apdal then responded by luring six reps from the other side to follow him).

In Perak, two BN reps, Sungai Manik’s Zainol Fadzi Paharudin and Tualang Sekah’s Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi gave their support to PH – thus, the two seats, when added to PH’s original total of 29, gave the coalition a total of 31 – enough to form a majority in the state, which then allowed PH to form a government. 

(Both Zainol and Nolee had claimed to be still loyal to UMNO but it didn’t change anything because they were sacked. The former joined Bersatu and the latter rightfully decided to remain independent). 

In Johor, three UMNO state reps switched allegiance to Bersatu – they are Sedili’s Rasman Ithnain, Johor Lama’s Rosleli Jahari and Endau’s Alawiyah Talib. 

(I am concerned. Why do we need UMNO thrash in PH?) 

Even two independent parliamentarians from Sarawak decided to hop over to PKR, i.e. Julau’s Larry Sng Wei Shien and Lubok Antu’s Jugah anak Muyang. 

(Again, my question is why?!) 

Of course, Bersih 2.0 are right when they say that party-hopping betrays voters. 

Frogging must not be encouraged nor condoned – it insults voters! 

In fact, the rakyat had voiced their disappointment that PH welcome these frogs. 

This had forced PH chairperson and Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s hand – on Wednesday, he declared that PH will not be taking in members of losing parties, as the people could not accept this. 

He said: "They can denounce their old parties and express their support to the current government. But, they cannot become members". 

Clap, clap, clap. The PH government is actually listening to the people.

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