Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Pakatan Harapan Can Win GE14

We must believe Pakatan Harapan can win GE14. 

Sure, there is an awful lot of hyperbole from Barisan Nasional about their winnability in GE14. 

We cannot deny, as always, that BN have the upper hand and indeed, they are screaming their heads off that they will triumph in the coming general election. 

Of course, they enjoy the huge advantages of incumbency, money, organization, massive membership numbers, government facilities and many other resources at their disposal. 

Still, I reckon PH can win, despite the odds. 

Herein very simply put are my eight thoughts why PH can pull it off and win GE14: 

The 92-year-old medical doctor (right) is making a political comeback. Wily Mahathir Mohamad is a master strategist. Don't ever underestimate him. Plus the fact that he and his Bersatu compatriots enjoy significant support among hard-core Malays. 

PAS entering the electoral fray does not mean that BN-PAS gain and PH lose – on the contrary, PH will gain big. We shouldn't assume every PAS member will vote for PAS and surely, there are PAS members who will give support to Amanah. 

MCA's belief in their own bullshit propaganda that the Chinese are returning to MCA is strictly for the birds. Hello, the Chinese are NOT stupid. Meaning, the Chinese gonna stay with PH. And very soon, we will say farewell to you, you scumbags!

Hindraf are giving a helping hand. I know they can draw working class and rural Indian votes away from BN in the four states of Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Perak and Kedah.  

UMNO rogue Shafie Apdal (left) and his Warisan party will break the Sabah vote bank. The Sabah native can certainly divert a good number of votes away from BN and I won't be surprised if they capture the state too. 

The Najib factor. He (right) has been shamelessly self-promoting and everything he does is to selfishly ensure he stays put in Putrajaya. That's why Christmas came really early this year! And still, he is blissfully unaware (or perhaps he knows but he is in self-denial mode) that Malaysians despise, loathe and feel contempt for the country's No. 1 crook. He will single-handedly bring down UMNO and BN, you just wait and see. 

And even among BN members, there can be anti-BN protest votes. The rakyat is fed up. This is an election about the economy. Cost of living climbs, price of goods and services rises, spending outpaces earnings, GST is a burden – these are all valid motivations for ordinary folks to get angry with BN and spurn them at the polling booths. 

Contrary to popular belief, PH are NOT losing steam. This time around, they are more organized, more cohesive and more aggregated, and they seriously mean business. They have what it takes to win.

For a long time now, Malaysians are yearning for change. We still want change. In 2018, we have another chance. 

Pakatan Harapan need your votes. Yes, every vote counts.

I read that some political pundits have been saying GE14 lacks the intensity and excitement that were evident in GE13. I agree and only because most Malaysians have already made up their minds.

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