Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nurul Izzah Anwar Stays Calm and Composed

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On #FBILIVE on Friday, May 25, 2018, Permatang Pauh MP Nurul Izzah Anwar was sexually harassed by a caller.

In that “live” talk show, a man who identified himself as Azrul made vulgar remarks as he berated the PKR veep on her attire. 

He had told her to dress more modestly, saying that her clothes were sometimes transparent. 

He had time to elaborate: “YB’s tudung is sometimes swept aside, you know, so sometimes we can see the top part (of your clothing). Especially when you wear a kebaya, it’s tight, so the top part is visible”. 

He said her “tudung” (headscarf in English) went askew and he could see her brassiere and the swell of her breasts. 

Former Hot FM DJ Faizal Ismail who anchored the online chat show listened intently – but the wimp that he is, he did not even try to put an end to the smutty statements. 

The lecherous lowlife still managed to put in his final lewd words: “We can see your underwear. We can see your breasts”. And the supposedly hotshot host even thanked him! 

(If you listened intently, you can almost hear the caller smirking). 

The former’s crude comments were obviously wilfully spat to intimidate and badger – even to the point of making Nurul’s topic of conversation pointless. Nothing he said was ever remotely related to the topic(s) being discussed on air. 

One would think that after everything she has done, dedicating her life to this country – people could be more focused on her achievements rather than what she purportedly wears. 

Faizal should unreservedly and publicly apologize for putting Nurul through this hurting humiliation! It was his show!

And we should start to call the ignominious incident for what it is – a sexual harassment crime. Please don’t camouflage it as something else. 

I just hope Azrul is a mental case and nothing more sinister than that! 

Btw, Nurul did the right thing by staying calm and composed. Good of her!

As a side note, we should follow the Penang government’s example – they have now introduced a specific portfolio covering gender inclusiveness. That is a step in the right direction. 

FYI, DAP’s Chong Eng (right) carries that responsibility as the state Women and Family Development, Gender Inclusiveness and Non-Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairperson. 

She is expected to push for "gender inclusiveness" to be made into policy. 

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