Wednesday, May 30, 2018

GE14 Results Gazetted

GE14 results, which saw Pakatan Harapan end decades of Barisan Nasional rule and obtaining 113 of the 222 seats, was gazetted on Monday. 

(Three independents, two from Sarawak and one from KL hopped over to the victorious camp soon after, making the PH total 116).

The Election Commission said this was done in accordance with Regulation 27 of the Election (Conduct of Election) Regulations, 1981, for the purpose of publishing the election results and polling writ in the gazette. 

It is good to know that any party that is not satisfied with the GE14 results for both parliamentary and state seats may submit an election petition within 21 days of gazetting of the election results. 

I'm expecting election petitions to be lodged because hanky-panky is suspected.

Also on the same day, Mahathir Mohamad had said his Bersatu had received complaints against the EC in the manner the latter had conducted the 14th general elections. 

I know the other PH parties (and including Warisan) also have their share of alleged cheating stories too. 

The EC are widely suspected of being involved in trickery in order to reduce PH’s chances of winning a bigger number of seats. 

Mahathir warned that action will be taken against the EC and their chairperson Mohd Hashim Abdullah (right) if there is evidence of wrongdoings. 

I am waiting for the book to be thrown at the EC honcho soon. Please don't let him go scot-free!

The BDO workshop with photos from the Showcase on Friday, May 25: 

I was in charge of Group 1 and four of the six participants were “winners”. Wow!

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