Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Chickenshit MCA and MIC Stay Put

Chickenshit MCA and MIC have announced they will stay put in Barisan Nasional. 

Duh! Otherwise, where can they go? What can they accomplish if they’re completely on their own? 

They know they cannot survive out there in the political wilderness – since they have both passed their expiry dates. 

Besides, they’re so used to be subservient and just follow instructions from big brother UMNO. Alas, they have no minds of their own. 

All they ever want are to be good followers, good lackeys, good stooges. 

Never mind lah – that is what they are only good for! Let them be!

Jailed PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim (right) who's currently residing in Sungai Buloh – a case of a gross miscarriage of justice – was only scheduled to be released on June 08, 2018.

But he is going to receive a "Get out of Jail" card because the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong has graciously expressed his willingness to grant a full pardon. And before the start of the Ramadhan month too.

All procedures related to the proceedings of the Pardons Board Committee for a royal pardon for Anwar have been completed and set to be finalised on Wednesday. 

Meaning, by tomorrow, Anwar will taste freedom. Yay-y-y!!!

Anyway, his soon-to-be-vacant cell in Sungai Buloh has already been reserved for somebody else.

LOL! Another reason for Malaysians to rejoice!

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