Saturday, April 28, 2018

D51 AC2018 Thank-yous

I cannot thank enough everybody's support for the D51 Annual Conference 2018. Honestly, you made it all worthwhile!

The Thank-yous that we received from delegates who had attended the D51 Annual Conference 2018 were really heart-warming and made it all so fulfilling and rewarding.

Here's a sample of the text messages I received post-Conference:

Grace Chua, Allianz Toastmasters Club, DIV P, D51: “Thanks Victor & the whole organizing committee for the Wonderful 3 days!” (April 22) 

James Lai, Team Flantech Toastmasters Club, DIV H, D51: “Tqsm to OC Victor Ong n your team, all of you are doing amazing work in organizing the 25th Annual Conference. Well done. I’m grateful for all your wonderful effort”. (April 22) 

Shwetha Krishnayya Rajesh, UST Global Penang Toastmasters Club, DIV N, D51: “A very big thanks to Victor Ong & team for making a memorable event for all of us. Great efforts. Enjoyed & learnt a lot”. (April 22) 

Leong A Sam, Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club, DIV W, D51: “Thank you, DTM Victor & Team. A great conference indeed. Cheers!” (April 22) 

Safura Atan, Shah Alam Toastmasters Club, DIV B, D102: “Awesome job, Victor and team. Respect!!” (April 22)

Albert Khor, MISC, DIV P, D51: “Thanks Victor and organizing team for a job well done. It was a good conference with great speakers”. (April 22) 

Hj Hashim Adnan, Money Mastery Kuala Lumpur Toastmasters Club, DIV C, D102: “My highest gratitude to u bro Victor for a great job as OC”. (April 22) 

Imran Sarwar, USM Toastmasters Club, DIV N, D51: “Congratulations to Victor and organizing committee”. (April 22) 

Juliana Heng, KPMG Toastmasters Club, DIV B, D102: “Thanks Victor & Committee for all the hard work to make this conference a huge success!!!” (April 22) 

Pauline Ooi, Intel MDC Toastmasters Club, DIV S, D51 : “Great job to the organizing team and on behalf of all Div S participants, thank you so much for the hospitality”. (April 22) 

Paul Pong, Gamuda Toastmasters Club, DIV D, D102: "You guys did a great great job and we truly enjoyed the 3-day Annual Conference. No regret!" (April 22)

Muthukumaran Kodiappen, Helping Hand Advanced Toastmasters Club, DIV S, D51: “Fantastic AC2018…Victor & Team. Simply Amazing”. (April 22) 

Dennis de Vosse, Gurney Hydro Toastmasters Club, DIV S, D51: “Thank you for hosting us from Gurney Hydro Toastmasters! Special thanks to Victor and team for the incredible arrangements. You guys deserve a toast!” (April 22) 

Rathipriyyah Balsan, Sai Masters Toastmasters Club, DIV B, D102: “Thank you Victor and team. It’s my first Toastmasters conference and I had a great experience. Met new people, made new friends and learnt many new things. Thank you very much”. (April 22) 

Andal Krishnan, NAWEM Toastmasters Club, DIV P, D51: “A very good show. Well done”. (April 22) 

Wong Hsiao Shen, Zuellig Pharma Shah Alam Toastmasters Club, DIV B, D102: “As one of the first-time participants, I’ve learned one or two (things) from this event. It indeed has inspired many of us deeply. Thank you so much, especially to the organizing committee for pouring lots of efforts into such a great (and) wonderful conference. Please take a good rest after this”. (April 22) 

Balakrishnan Muniandy, FYS Toastmasters Club, DIV H, D51: “Thank you very much Mr Victor. Really appreciate you. A truly humble man. I appreciate your gesture of moving around, meeting and welcoming the participants, especially the newcomers. Despite being the Conference chair and having so much in your head, you had time for everyone. Thank you”. (April 22) 

Sue Chan, Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club, Div H, D51: “Victor, Cyril, Mei Lin, Yeoh CL, Daniel, Toh… and other supporting members who made the conference possible. THANK YOU. Your great efforts to present the best for delegates were obvious. APPRECIATE. Till we meet again… Take care”. (April 23) 

Lim Yeok Siew, MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur, DIV P, D51: “It was indeed one of the best Toastmasters conferences that I have attended. Congratulations to Victor Ong and organizing team! Well done!” (April 23) 

Solmaz Parpaei, Premier Advanced Toastmasters Club, DIV P, D51: “Thank you Organizing Committee for making the AC a great experience for me and everyone else”. (April 24) 

Assyl Boizhanova, Witty Birds Toastmasters Club, DIV O, DU: "Hi Victor, thank you for the wonderful event. Thank you for making me feel special that I was part of it. I am flying home with lots of good emotion and memories". (April 24)

Roger and Esther Green: “Hi Victor, just to say a million thanks for your hospitality during the convention…Thank you again” (April 24) 

Dr Peter Yannopoulos: “Hello Victor. I like to thank you for inviting me to such a great conference and look forward to coming again to KL if the right opportunity arises. I will make sure I keep in touch” (April 26). 

Even Toastmasters who didn’t attend D51 Annual Conference 2018 sent me congratulatory messages. 

Tan Saw Bee, Crystal Toastmasters Club, DIV B, D102: “Congratulations DTM Victor for organizing the Best District 51 Conference” (April 23) 

Yip See See, Crystal Toastmasters Club, DIV B, D102: “Congratulations on your very successful District 51 convention – you are now the “Talk” of the entire TM universe – “Best Organizing Chairperson” (April 25) 

NOTE: I’m posting them here strictly for my record and reference.

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