Tuesday, August 8, 2017

D51 Annual Conference 2018: Testimonials

I knew, right from the start, marketing would be critical if I am to make the D51 Annual 2018 a success.
I need to do it differently. Marketing textbooks refer to it as "targeted marketing".
And so, I went personal. I build relationships. I go to the ground.
I connect with Toastmasters everywhere and anywhere.
To enhance communication, I also added visual assets. These can be photos, videos, illustrations and infographics and they surely help me to effectively promote the District 51 Annual Conference 2018. Primarily on social media.
Toastmasters organize conferences annually. And in peninsular Malaysia, there are already two “competing” conferences. Simply claiming to be "the best" is not enough to convince people, more so Toastmasters to sign up.
One marketing method I am using is “testimonials”.
'Testimonials in marketing' is powerful. Always has been. For those who know, it is easy-to-use and certainly, it is a 'cheap' marketing tool. When you are in my situation – where the marketing budget is capped at zero – testimonials are a godsend. Really. 
Testimonials create an emotional appeal. They increase trust. They increase my social media engagement.
The people I have invited to give testimonials represent the Toastmasters universe in this part of the world. They are the most representative of my target audience – I have made it as diverse as I possibly can.



The above are been released daily over 30 days. Since July 16.
The theory behind this, if you don’t already know, is “implicit egotism” – the psychological phenomenon that explains why we gravitate toward the choices made by people who resemble us.
Testimonials, therefore, are an integral part of my social media marketing strategy.
Footnote: My "testimonials" are different in that my conference registrants may have "bought" the product, i.e. the conference package” – BUT that is all there is to it! There is NO CONTENT as yet. Absolutely zilch.
I am "selling" the so-called conference with only a venue in place, an admission price and a conference theme. And oh yes, I am letting it known that I am the Organizing Chair. That's it!  

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