Sunday, August 6, 2017

D51 Annual Conference 2018: The Origins

Sometime in January of this year, an innocuous proposal was brought to my attention  to seriously consider hosting the District 51 Annual Conference 2018.

To be honest, I was disinterested, detached and just plain indifferent about  it. It was an immediate and expected response. Most likely, I was spooked by the gargantuan responsibility that came with the job. I already knew it would be one onerous obligation that was best avoided. 
For some strange reason, I did not say 'No'. 
On April 28th, two Toastmasters made a "bid" presentation at the D51 Annual Conference 2017 in Penang and two days later, I received the "flag" – affirming that the hosting right had been awarded to me.
And from thereon, I realized very quickly that this was not just another Toastmasters event. It was bigger in terms of scale and scope, definitely demanding and certainly, very much more challenging.
Still, I was not cowed, daunted or even fazed by it all. You can say, I took it in my stride. And slowly but surely, I began to put a team together.

Soon after the ideas came fast and furious. And just as speedily, they were translated into action plans.  
The following were some of the initiatives developed to promote and sell the event! Obviously, it has to begin with marketing, my area of specialty:


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