Friday, July 7, 2017

There's Nothing Wrong with Skirts for Men

We have been experiencing scorching hot temperatures these days.
It’s probably, the perfect weather for a nice, cool skirt. But not if you’re a bloke, obviously. Men don’t wear skirts.
Scottish men have worn kilts since at least the 1600s. And it’s not just them who are partial to a man-skirt.
In ancient Greece and Rome, men commonly wore tunics. Likewise, Egyptian Pharaohs also wore wraparound skirts called shendyts.
Today, outside of the Western world, men still commonly wear sarong-like garments. In countries such as India (dhotis), Myanmar (longyis), Fiji (pareos), Samoa (lavalavas) and Tonga (tupenus). In fact, the Fijian police have an especially striking uniform.
All in all, you’ve got to conclude the man-skirt has a long and noble tradition.
Still, we all know only too well that the burden of compliance on dress codes is normally placed on women – whether it be requiring them to don heels instead of flats, not to wear leggings or simply to “dress like a woman”.
I think it’s time to scrap gendered uniform lists – not just for women but also for men – and the stupid invisible social rules which dictate what women and men should wear.
Dr Peter McNeil, a Professor of Design History at University of Technology Sydney, Australia noted that in the 1980s, public figures – like designer Gaultier and musicians Boy George and Marilyn Manson – were playing with notions of gender.
As Gaultier told The New York Times after his show in 1984: “Wearing a skirt doesn’t mean you’re not masculine. Masculinity doesn’t come from clothes. It comes from something inside you. Men and women can wear the same clothes and still be men and women. It’s fun”.
That may be so but as Dr McNeil said, that men who actually wore the “beautiful and sexy and nice to wear” skirts were often subjected to derision.
“I think that’s why men are still so scared of skirts – it’s a social phobia. The trouser is so ingrained in the western mentality but of course it’s got very little to do with masculinity”. Dr McNeil explained.
So, bring on the skirts. I am ready!

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