Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Plastic Shaming

Pic from Shame or Glory/YouTube

It even features Hannah Waddingham, the same actress who played the stoic Septa Unella in the original Games of Throne TV episode.

Watch this video clip on plastic shaming:

There is this company called SodaStream which sell products that let you carbonate water at home.
And so their strategy is to take the offensive and discredit bottled water companies.
SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum had slammed the bottled water industry, calling it 'the biggest advertising and marketing scam ever in history'.
In an interview with Yahoo Finance, he said, “Bottled water companies profit from 'public water'”.
He further added: “Half of the bottled water in America is from municipal sources, put in a nice package glorified, with a beautiful name as if it's coming from Italy or somewhere, with a very high ticket and that's misleading consumers”.
To this end, a Game of Thrones-style ad became part of Sodastream's Shame or Glory campaign.
Birnbaum explained: “Basically it's a walk of shame, only it's about plastic bottles because the plastic bottles are indeed very shameful to the planet where we're using so many of them and they just become trash in the oceans and in parks and whatnot – it’s a disaster”.
Of course, we all know plastic bottles are a major hazard to our planet.
The said commercial was hit with six cease-and-desist letters – one of which was from the International Bottled Water Association, which represents some of the big brands including Nestle and Fiji Water. The letter had demanded that the advert no longer be shown.
“Of course we will not comply because there's nothing false or misleading or defaming in that ad”, Birnbaum had insisted. "It's the simple truth but it's very inconvenient for these folks who are making a ton of money".
"While claiming environmental concerns about plastic bottles, your company's video singles out bottled water products for criticism, but not less-healthy sugary beverages that are also packaged in plastic – such as carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, and juices”.
IBWA even claimed that bottled water has the lowest environmental footprint of all packaged beverages. In particular, the amount of water and energy used to produce bottled water is less than any other packaged drink, supposedly.
Also, it emphasized that all bottled water containers are 100 percent recyclable.
For those who are fans of Games of Throne, the commercial satirized the moment proud Cersei Lannister was stripped and marched through Kings Landing to the shouts of 'shame'.
The funny footage even used the same set and actress Hannah Waddingham, who played the stoic Septa Unella in the original episode.
There was even a cameo from Thor Bjornsson who plays fearless warrior 'The Mountain' on the show.
The video followed a shopper picking up some sparking water from a supermarket, at which point the Septa appeared and began shouting 'shame' at him. Despite the man's best efforts to leave her behind, she caught up with him and hounded him down the street before the angry local populace turned on him.
After rounding a corner he found himself on the Game of Thrones set, walking through Fleabottom as peasants hurled fruit and vegetables at him.
Eventually he emerged backstage where he handed the bottles to Bjornsson, only to be sternly rebuked for choosing plastic. The latter blasted him, telling him to make his own next time and bluntly saying “F*** plastic bottles”.
It is somewhat over the top, but nonetheless, it is an intriguing and interesting commercial.

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