Sunday, June 11, 2017

SNP's Hollow Victory

The United Kingdom general election of 2017 took place on June 08, 2017. And I’m particularly interested in how Scotland fared.
The Scottish National Party say they emerged victorious this election. Of course, that’s the official line. They probably said it and singing the blues at the same time.
They are not wrong because they did win the largest number of seats in Scotland – more than all the other parties added together. That, they say, has always been the definition of victory.
But we cannot deny that the SNP were clobbered. Sure, they had made stunning gains in 2015 but this time around, Nicola Sturgeon's party lost 21 seats to see their numbers slashed to only 35 MPs.
They did lose plenty in the election. Some of their best known and most effective MPs such as Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson. As well as their political impetus.
It's almost impossible for the party to now argue that the people of Scotland want another Scottish referendum when 60% of the electorate voted for parties which have vowed to block another vote on independence.  

Nicola Sturgeon (left) had said that she and SNP would now need to reflect on what this result means for indyref2. But honestly, you don't have to think very long or very hard to realize it now looks unlikely to happen.
The Tories had returned 13 MPs in their best result since 1983.
The Conservative Party’s success in Scotland is in stark contrast to the situation south of the border, with Theresa May losing her majority and the election resulting in a hung parliament.
I was kinda sad too but it is important that the SNP don’t go about making rash decisions. It is just a blimp in the long and winding road to Scottish independence.
I'm certain we’ll come back stronger.
On Friday, I was at Menara LGB in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur to attend The Lectern KL Toastmasters meeting. Sixteen of us were there at the Souled Out venue and I was even voted Best Speech Evaluator.

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