Friday, June 2, 2017

Malay Materialism

Mahathir Mohamad (left) has finally realized how wrong he was.
His blog ( entry on Monday wrote of his fear that Malay materialism would eventually replace Malay nationalism:
“…Jika tidak diupah dengan duit, pangkat atau jawatan, kontrak atau sebagainya biarlah negara hancur, tidak ada apa-apa yang sanggup dibuat untuk menyelamatnya”.
And this shall lead to the extinction of the race.
“Apakah buku sejarah di zaman akan datang akan tertulis didalamnya, “Maka di zaman dahulu terdapat satu bangsa yang dikenali sebagai Melayu, yang sudah pun hilang, kerana semangat bangsa luput diganti dengan ketamakan nafsu. Wallahu A’lam”. (“Will history books one day contain a paragraph that reads: ‘Once, there was a race known as the Malays but they have since become extinct due to avarice’? Only God knows”).
Former information minister Zainuddin Maidin (right) in a comment on Mahathir’s entry said he believed it was the latter who was responsible for instilling the materialist tendency among Malays when he was in power. 

“What made the Malays materialistic was Mahathir himself”, he said.
“He insisted that our race will become successful only when we have our own millionaires”.

Zainuddin suggested that it had become a trend for Malays to join UMNO to get rich, saying this was because Mahathir, who led the party for 22 years, propagated the idea that wealth could represent Malay success and pride.

There is no necessity to work hard and make sacrifices. Just get into UMNO and become super rich. 
Indeed, the idea was really stupid and shallow.

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