Saturday, June 3, 2017

Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman

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Lebanon has banned the movie featuring DC Comics’ superhero, Wonder Woman – all because its lead actress is an Israeli.

What foolishness is this?

Anyway, to add to the Lebanese loathing, Gadot also served for two years in the Israeli army.
In 2014, she had received a deluge of attention for a Facebook post in which she shared anti-Hamas sentiments, calling members of the Palestinian militia "cowards".

A billboard advertising the "Wonder Woman" film, is pictured near an army post in Beirut, Lebanon on May 31, 2017. Photo credit: Mohamed Azakir/Reuters

Moreover, Lebanon has a boycott against Israel in place, preventing citizens from buying Israeli products, traveling to the country, or being in contact with Israelis.
I’m sorry that the prohibition took place.

Perhaps, the Lebanese shouldn't just stop there. They should ban everything and anything that's Jewish too.
I don't care about her nationality. I only know Gadot is super sexy!

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The movie Wonder Woman is the first female superhero film since 2005’s box office dud “Elektra,” and the first to be directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins, whose budget was more than $150 million.
Since her inception in 1941 in DC comic books with her patriotic red bustier embossed with a golden eagle and blue shorts with white stars, Wonder Woman has become a symbol of female empowerment in a comic book world dominated by male superheroes like Batman, Superman and Iron Man, and by male fans.
Reviews for “Wonder Woman” have been glowing, scoring a rare 97 percent positive rating on aggregator Rotten Tomatoes with critics praising its humor and positive spirit.
Jenkins, the director, said that behind the fun, “I hope that we can use a character who stands for something so needed right now... and to inspire people to be heroes in their own lives".

Today, Liverpool FC celebrates their 125th birthday!

It was June 03 1892 when the club was officially recognized by the Board of Trade as 'Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Limited'.

This document is now regarded as the birth certificate of Liverpool FC:

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