Monday, May 15, 2017

PAS: Big and Influential

PKR’s Rafizi Ramli maintained yesterday that PAS would be the biggest loser if they decide to contest three-cornered fights in the next general elections.
The PKR vice president also claimed that Pakatan Harapan had a bigger responsibility of presenting a credible alternative, unlike PAS who were uninterested in forming the next federal government. 

Still, news portal Malaysiakini quoted yesterday too PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan (right) as boasting that the Islamist party was confident about winning 40 out of the 100 seats they plan to contest in GE14. In fact, this fellow also had claimed that the Islamist party are a big and influential party.
Dream on, PAS!
Liverpool are on the brink of qualifying for the Champions League after Philippe Coutinho inspired a 4-0 rout of West Ham yesterday.


The Reds took the lead when Coutinho’s sublime pass was converted by Daniel Sturridge in the thirty-fifth minute. The former stole the spotlight again with a superb solo strike (57) and a cool finish four minutes later to put Jurgen Klopp’s side three goals ahead before Divock Origi netted in the seventy-sixth minute to cap Liverpool’s swaggering display.

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