Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Groo-vy Kind of Hero

In Star 2 today in The Star newspaper, there’s a gem of a piece on Groo.
A firm favorite of mine, Groo has two katanas, a Walkman-like device on his chest, and mindless but supremely powerful battle skills. Boosted by pure dumb luck, he always emerges victorious, though often at the expense of his own side. His one-man wrecking machine style is his trademark and joining/starting any frays is his specialty!
Awesomely created by legendary MAD Magazine contributor Sergio Aragones, Groo remains (arguably) the most consistent comic offering in today’s comics, in terms of quality (from the first to the last panel), comedy (even the same “mulch” joke is still funny now!) and creativity (the creative team of writer/artist Aragones, editor/co-writer Mark Evanier, letterer Stan Sakai, and colorist Tom Luth is irreplaceable.
I challenge you to pick up a ‘Groo’ and read it. I guarantee you will find it riotous fun. More so, if you are fed up with the reboots, revamps and resurrections in mainstream comics.
Groo is featured in a number of comic book universes – thanks to Aragones’ “mastery” at switching publishers. While Groo’s first two homes – Pacific (1982) and Eclipse (1984), were short lived, the subsequent stints at Marvel (120-plus issues), Image (12 issues), and Dark Horse (50-plus issues and counting) were the ones that immortalized him.

Sure, Groo has been labelled a cretin, moron, dumb and even a … (whisper it softly) mendicant. But the fact remains that this gourd-nosed barbarian is an acquired taste and a very addictive one, too.
Certainly, I am addicted.
Groo comics don't quite get the respect they deserve, probably because they've been so consistently good, for so long, that everyone just takes Groo for granted. Okay, not everyone. I, for one, know they are brilliant reads, and not just for the laughs.
Groo comics are not just tales of adventure – but also satirical takes on today’s problems (complete with regular “moral of the story” nuggets of wisdom at the end of each story.
Welcome to the world of Groo!

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