Monday, March 6, 2017

Public University Lecturers Lose their Jobs

Bad economic times are really hitting Malaysians hard. And academia is also not spared. 

Already there is a marked deterioration in the quality of our education, even affecting tertiary institutions. And yet public universities made the painful decision to terminate as many as 6,000 lecturers, including professors.

Thanks to budget cuts by the cash-strapped Malaysian government.

Malaysian Academic Association Congress president Prof Dr Mohd Idrus Mohd Masirin said public universities had been adversely affected by the allocation diminutions in 2016, by at least 30% to 40%.

It is estimated that the total number of public lecturers had dropped to 29,000, compared with 35,000 previously. 

Don’t expect our graduates to shine!

Liverpool embarrassed Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal when they beat the Gunners 3-1 in an EPL clash on Saturday.

On that day too, I had participated in the club-level International Speech and Table Topics contests at the Zuellig Pharma premise in Shah Alam.

Liquid Gold Advanced Toastmasters Club saw good speakers competing for honors. Five for the International Speech contest and six for the Table Topics contest. 

I was really very surprised to win the former because my preparation was pretty much last minute. As for the latter – I knew I had nailed it when I finished speaking. A double champion!

The winners will represent the club at the Area P5 Contests on Saturday, March 11

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