Sunday, March 12, 2017

Nicol David Lifts First PSA Tour Title Since 2015

Finally! Malaysia’s Nicol David lifted her first PSA World Tour title since the Hong Kong Open in December 2015 after beating Olivia Blatchford in the final of the inaugural Ciudad de Floridablanca tournament in Colombia. 

The World No. 7 scored an empathic 11-3, 11-4, 11-8 victory over the American, ranked No 27 in the world, in 70 minutes. 

“It feels great to win a tournament again”, David told the Professional Squash Association.

“It’s been quite a while and I think this is really special to have my first title here in Floridablanca. It’s going to have a special place in my heart”, she added. 

The Colombian victory was David’s 81st PSA Tour title in her 101st final.

This should serve as a big morale boost for David who will next compete in the British Open from March 19-26.

Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali has told FMT today that he is a frog without color.

"Right now, there are a lot of frogs who jump from party to party, including green frogs and orange frogs", he pointed out. [Note: We can safely assume green frogs refer to PAS and orange frogs refer to Amanah].

He admitted that in the past, he too, had been jumping from one political party to another.

He became an independent MP only when he won GE12 under the PAS ticket. And in GE13, he lost to PAS when he contested as an independent candidate for the Pasir Mas parliamentary seat.

What was his point again?

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