Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kim Jong-nam's Murder Puts Malaysia in a Spot

On February 13, 2017, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s estranged half-brother Kim Jong-nam (left) was murdered in Malaysia, of all places.

South Korea was quick to call the killing an "act of terrorism" and even said it was carried out by the North Korean government. At least four North Koreans are currently under investigation by Malaysian police.

North Korea meanwhile, accused Malaysia of hatching a political conspiracy in Jong-nam’s murder investigation, sparking a diplomatic row between the two countries.

As if things were not bad enough, Malaysia’s Defense Minister decided to display his idiocy by talking of war! Like the fool that he is, Hishammuddin Hussein (left) boasted on Monday that if North Korea wants war, Malaysia is ready. And then he added that the country will count on its allies.

What kind of talk is that?!? What an effing imbecile!?!

And yet, in the same breath, he admitted that Malaysia does not have enough military assets compared to Pyongyang if the two countries go to war, even acknowledging that the reclusive state has nuclear weapons in its arsenal.

Then he ruled out the chances of a war happening between the two countries.

WTF?!? This only goes to show he is nothing more than a dumb ass!!!

Why is he hell-bent on provoking unpredictable North Korea? He may just invite retaliation.

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The country is more than capable of raining missiles on us if they do decide to unleash their military hardware. We would be incapable of responding. I mean, what could we possibly do?

Hmmm, maybe, we can look in the direction of North Korea and spit at them.

Also on Monday, another bozo came into the picture. He too wanted to hog the limelight.

Raja Bomoh or Ibrahim Mat Zin had turned up in front of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine at Hospital Kuala Lumpur reciting prayers and performing a rite using sticks before he left about five minutes later.

He had claimed he was protecting us from any threat or attack from North Korea. In fact, a video of the shaman has gone viral on Sunday where he and 3 other loonies were on the beach conducting a ritual where four halfwits including Raja Bomoh were ankle-deep in water and holding two coconuts, a pair of sticks used as binoculars, five bamboo cannons, a carpet, and a bowl of seawater. And the 3 minutes and 18 seconds video ended with the bomoh throwing the coconuts into the water.

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Are these the allies Hishammuddin was referring to? They could well be. If the North Koreans had watched their performance, they might just abandon any hostile intention because they could be preoccupied with laughing so hard that they forgot they are upset with us.

Anyway, throwing coconuts is better than spitting. The coconuts can hurt if they land on the North Koreans! LOL!!

I was at 15, Persiaran Pasak Bumi in Seksyen U8 in Shah Alam to attend the Zuellig Pharma Toastmasters meeting on Wednesday. I was both a speech evaluator as well as General Evaluator.

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