Friday, March 10, 2017

A Second Chance for Scotland

A second Scottish independence referendum looks unavoidable.

Even ministers in the UK government have now concluded it is a question of when such a vote will be held, the Financial Times reported today. I certainly don’t think anybody can stop it from happening. It’s the logical next step.

The FT also said that the London government would fight to delay the vote until after the exit from the European Union.

If you recall, the results of the Brexit referendum had been divisive. England and Wales voted to leave the EU but Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay.

Those who argued in favor of leaving said that the EU has changed enormously over the last four decades with regard to the size and the reach of its bureaucracy, diminishing British influence and sovereignty.

Whilst those who wanted to stay say that a medium-size island needs to be part of a larger bloc of like-minded countries to have real influence and security in the world, and that leaving would be economically costly.

Anyway, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (right) had already stated that Scotland could hold an independence vote in late 2018 – just months before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union.

On the other side of the fence, Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly announced there is no need for such a vote.

Indeed, the prospect of an independence vote in Scotland could rip apart the United Kingdom.

As I have previously said, the Brexit vote can facilitate Scottish independence. Go, go, go!

On Monday, US President Donald Trump (left) signed a new executive order placing a 90-day ban on people from six mainly Muslim countries.

The revised ban bars new visas for people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. It also temporarily blocks all refugees.

The ban begins on March 16, with the White House saying it is "very confident" of winning in court.

Todate, five states have already filed legal challenges: Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Washington. I am sure more states will join in.

The previous order, which Trump signed in January, was blocked in federal courts and sparked mass protests as well as confusion at airports. However, critics maintained that the revised travel ban still discriminates against Muslims.

This Trump fella just doesn't give up.

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