Monday, February 20, 2017

Teenage Cyclists Die in JB

Malaysians are already familiar with the uniquely Malaysian "Mat Rempit" culture involving young people racing on their motorcycles at daredevil speed and engaging in "superman stunts" – usually at night and more so, during weekends.
The police must have seized thousands of motorbikes all these years in the hope that such action would be a deterrent – but the menace goes on unabated.
And now we are seeing another road menace that has clearly manifested itself in an incident involving a car and a posse of cyclists.


BBX-Images at webpage

On Saturday, a boisterous pack of 30 to 40 teenagers, aged 13 to 17 years, on bicycles were believed to have obstructed Jalan Lingkaran Dalam and other adjacent roads in Johor Baru, Johore – before being mowed down by a car.
The driver was a 22-year-old woman who supposedly failed to brake in time.
Eight youngsters were killed on the spot and eight others were injured, two critically in the 3 AM incident.
Videos showing riders on modified bicycles dubbed basikal nyamuk (mosquito bicycles) went viral among WhatsApp groups shortly after the accident and they are bone-chilling to say the least.
In one of the said videos, cyclists were seen riding in the middle of a city road engaging in acrobatic exploits – and being completely oblivious to the dangers to themselves and other road users.
Malaysia has too many daredevils who don’t value life. Must it be only the Malays who have a death wish? 

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