Friday, February 3, 2017

Pokemon Go Grossed $1 Billion

According to a SensorTower report dated Wednesday, Pokemon Go has not only grossed $1 billion in global revenue – but in the shortest amount of time. Just short of seven months since its July 2016 release.
At the monster-collecting game’s peak, it earned $18 million/day.
Not only is Pokemon Go a life-saver for Nintendo – the company’s annual revenue has been in decline since 2012 – but the success of Pokémon Go has shown that ‘augmented reality’ has immense potential. At the very least, profit-wise.
US President Donald Trump has been chided, censured and criticized since taking office.
Yet he refuses to budge. He is unwavering in his beliefs, no matter how flawed they are.
Trump insists he wants to protect Americans. Hadn't Barack Obama also wanted the same thing?
I am not a fan of Trump – but I ask a simple question. Why the double standards?

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