Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jho Low and his Bombardier Jet

A Bombardier Global 5000 Jet
The Bombardier Global 5000 private jet that was purchased by fugitive tycoon Jho Low, with money stolen from Malaysia’s 1MDB is confirmed as having been impounded in Singapore.
Online blogs including Sarawak Report have already reported that the said aircraft has been grounded for the past 2 weeks at Selatar Airport and the details matched those of the wanted plane.
The US Department of Justice had issued a seizure order on the Bombardier last July in a court filing that listed over a billion dollars of assets, which it said had been bought by Low and his co-conspirators using the stolen money.
Already, Singapore is in the middle of a series of court cases against former employees at BSI, Coutts, and Falcon Banks – who had assisted Low in his grandiose money-laundering schemes.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore have described the case as the largest and most complex case they ever had to deal with, involving “staggering sums of money”.
On February 02, 2017, the Swiss authorities likewise proceeded against Coutts Bank as part of an extensive operation there – this is also linked to 1MDB.
Low’s even more expensive yacht is reported to have been moored for the past couple of months at a marina in Phuket, Thailand. 
Word is now going around that 1MDB have predictably lost their arbitration battle with Abu Dhabi’s IPIC – a case that was nearly settled amicably and privately just before Christmas last year – but now the former will have to fork out billions in payout as a result of the fallout.

The deal fell through because it is said that PM Najib Razak allegedly wanted the Arab fund managers to lie and pretend that the diverted and then stolen guaranteed payments from 1MDB had indeed been paid to IPIC/Aabar instead of being funneled into a bogus Low-controlled BVI company – which had deceptively carried a similar name.
Anyway, good luck to Jho Low – reportedly hiding in China – and to Najib too!
On Monday, I was at the PJ Trade Center in Damansara Perdana, PJ to host a demo Toastmasters meeting for staff of MMC-Gamuda. And Gamuda Berhad's Director, Contracts & Commercial (Projects) Sr Tung May Keen graced the meeting.
I had assembled a team of eight Toastmasters and they came from  different Toastmasters clubs, namely Speecom, Money Mastery, MII, Gamuda, TMIKL and of course, Liquid Gold Advanced.
Thank you to these gracious Toastmasters who generously contributed their energies and their time.

In my opinion, the primary objective to introduce Toastmasters to company employees had been achieved. The meeting was also well-attended. .

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