Friday, February 10, 2017

Haram Paintbrushes

The Muslim Consumer Association of Malaysia (PPIM) president Nadzim Johan had labelled Malaysian Muslims stupid.
And because they are stupid, he had wanted to have a logo to help Muslims identify products that are being sold which contain pig-derived parts.
He made the suggestion in the aftermath of the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry’s nationwide confiscation of paintbrushes made with pig bristles – which are supposedly “haram” to Muslims.
He also said PPIM received more than 50 complaints from consumers who unknowingly purchased porcine-based products last year. At least 40 types of common consumer items may contain traces of pig, he had claimed. These include paint brushes, crayons, wallets, belts, shoes, ice-cream, fruit juice, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and mask, among others.
His proposal to have a special logo would open businesses to government action if they knowingly sell items that contain pig parts without informing consumers.
“Many Muslim consumers are not smart. If I say they are stupid, it will agitate people, but they are not that smart", he had explained why he wanted a ‘pig’ logo – in order that stupid Muslims can avoid the ‘pig’-tainted products.
“They consume everything (blindly). So I suggest we should have ‘Logo babi’, otherwise they would eat this as well,” he reportedly said.

LOL!!! I didn’t know paintbrushes are edible!!!
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Under the Trade Descriptions Act, traders are required to separate non-halal items from halal products or risk being fined RM100,000, three years’ jail or both.
On Tuesday, national news agency Bernama reported the minister in charge Hamzah Zainudin as saying that his ministry seized 2,003 paintbrushes made with pig bristles worth almost RM11,000 in a nationwide “crackdown”.
He reportedly said the brushes were confiscated under the Trade Descriptions (Goods Made From Any Part of Pig or Dog) Order 2013, which states that such products must be labelled and separated from other goods.
But two days later, the minister made an about-turn and instructed enforcement officers to desist raiding premises in search of “haram” paintbrushes.
The paint brushes being taken off the shelves by a Ministry enforcement officer. Image credit:
I don’t believe in stereotyping people. Methinks not all Malaysians Muslims are stupid . I did say “not all”. Nadzim is an exception – in fact he is so proud of his stupidity that he didn’t even try to hide it.
Islamic Renaissance Front chairperson Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa said Thursday that Nadzim had in fact, insulted the intelligence of Muslims by simply shooting from the hip.
Quoting from Islamic scholar Ibnu Taimiyyah, Farouk said the most accurate view on the matter was that all kinds of hair are pure, including the hair of dogs and the bristles of pigs.
He also pointed that Islamic author A Hassan Bandung had written that the only thing that is forbidden in the Quran was consuming the flesh of swine, and not the skin or bristles.
I attended the Gamuda Toastmasters meeting on Wednesday at Menara Gamuda in Damansara Perdana, PJ. We had a pretty good attendance – twenty-two people came.


A good meeting too with four Table Topics and five project speeches. I evaluated an Ice breaker speech. 


Also we had “yee sang” – after all, it was the twelfth day of the Lunar New Year. 3 days more before it all ends.

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