Monday, December 12, 2016

Perak Sultan is Concerned with Rampant Corruption

The Sultan of Perak today expressed his concern over corruption and criminal breach of trust committed openly by highly-educated and high-ranking individuals.
Sultan Nazrin Shah was alarmed that the malpractices were not only rampant but even occurring on a very large scale.
He said: “In the history of Islamic governments, many among the leaders of the Bani Umaiyyah (Umayyad Caliphate) and Bani Abbas (Abbasid Caliphate), due to their preoccupation with worldly pleasures, were willing to use their wealth to remain in power.
When power was regarded as an opportunity to fulfil personal interest and not as a trust, the functioning of the government would be impaired and ultimately resulted in its downfall and collapse of a civilization”.
A not so subtle hint, if you ask me. 
Goals by Dimitri Payet (27) and Michail Antonio (39) exposed Liverpool's defensive frailties yet again as West Ham climbed out of the EPL relegation zone with a hard-fought 2-2 draw at Anfield. And they were avoidable first-half goals.

Liverpool’s goals came from Adam Lallana in the fifth minute and Divock Origi in the forty-eighth minute.
The Reds have themselves to blame because they had ceded more ground to Chelsea and Arsenal in the title race.

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