Monday, December 5, 2016

MPU3322 Professional Ethics

Photo of my students (not all of them are here though) from this semester – from my MPU3322 class – taken last Monday.
This September-December 2016 semester, I taught Professional Ethics.

And like all my classes – no matter what the subjects are and no matter where I teach – I will always give my best to my students!

I make it my mission to make my lectures/tutorials interesting, illuminating and even insightful.
Here’s a sample of comments I had received from my students.
Lim Chee Khong: “I can always learn something new when attending his class”.

Ivan Lau Hon Lim: “Mr. Victor has a flair for teaching and I really enjoyed his class… I wish more classes throughout my university life were similar to his class”. 
Chye Mei Yan: “I am very grateful and lucky to have Mr. Victor as my Professional Ethics lecturer because he is really one of a kind”.
Gabriel Krisnadi: “Personally, I think that a lecturer’s most important tasks are to inspire, to trigger the thirst of knowledge of the students and to satiate (that) thirst with relevant knowledge that might not be in the syllabus. And I could actually find (all) that the lecturer was able to do so”. 
Marco Raharjo: “I feel that this class is the best class ever… I think every lecturer need to follow this class so that students will not get (bored) during class and it (makes it) easier to understand when the lecturer delivers knowledge in (a) fun way”.
Michelle Lau Yin Kuen: “I am grateful to have been (taught) by someone who sees the world in a no-nonsense way”.
Grace Gaie: “Mr. Victor has been an inspiring lecturer”.
Vieniesha Maniarasu: “I’m really happy that Mr.Victor had taught me this subject because nobody else could have made me understand about ethics (as he had done). 
Chan Jia Ni: “My overall experience of this subject has been great. I really appreciate how the class has been interactive with (lots) of discussions and not the typical Malaysian classroom scenario whereby lecturers come in to read from PowerPoint slides and students just copy notes from the slides”.
I am really touched to receive these genuine expressions of praise from my students!  

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