Monday, December 26, 2016

Coke Can Kill

This is old news but I thought I would still share it here. After all, the subject matter can be controversial.

Not everybody loves Coca-Cola – I think most people are convinced the fizzy beverage is unhealthy.

I will even admit that Coke is not for everybody! And for one person, it allegedly killed her.
In fact, a 2012 inquest found that a mother of eight Natasha Marie Harris (right) died from drinking too much Coke – at least according to the coroner.

It had been revealed that she drank up to 10 liters of Coke every day (i.e. four 2.5 liter bottles), consuming more than twice the recommended safe daily limit of caffeine and almost one kilogram of sugar (i.e. more than 11 times the recommended sugar intake).

She died aged 30 – on February 25, 2010 – from a cardiac arrest. Her partner, Christopher Hodgkinson, found her seated on the toilet, slumped against the wall and gasping for air at their home in Invercargill on New Zealand's south island.

Coca-Cola argued that the huge quantities of Coke drunk daily by Harris could not be proven to have contributed to her death.

But coroner David Crerar said Harris would not have died if it wasn't for her dependence on Coke.

"I find that, when all of the available evidence is considered, were it not for the consumption of very large quantities of Coke by Natasha Harris, it is unlikely that she would have died when she died and how she died'', reported the Bussleton-Dunsborough Mail.

Natasha Harris was said to go 'crazy' if she ran out of Coke which she guzzled by the bottle.

Hodgkinson added that she had been unwell leading up to her death and had no energy, but the idea Coca-Cola caused the problem had never crossed their minds.

I thought the coroner took the easy way out when he put the blame squarely on Coke. It is likely Harris suffered from a myriad of medical conditions.

I don’t deny that the vast volumes of Coke she drank may have been a contributing factor to her death – but in my opinion, the cause of death was inconclusive. 

Coke is cool. Just never go to excess. Everything in moderation.

Out of the blue, on Friday, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) came out with the announcement that two popular chocolate brands did not have the Malaysian Halal Certification and also did not obtain halal certification from any halal certification bodies overseas recognized by the department.

The manufacturer of Daim and Toblerone chocolates, Mondelez International responded that ingredients used to produce the two chocolates are suitable and safe to be consumed by Muslims.
The company in a statement said even though the products were made in countries, which did not need halal certification, they met the world consumer food standards.

JAKIM have too much time on their hands, that's why! The idiots should know that just because there is no halal certification, it does not mean the chocs are haram.

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