Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Timely Reminder for UMNO

I never imagined I would hear this kind of talk at an UMNO general assembly – but on Friday, I did!

Ayub Rahmat (left), the Kemelah assemblyperson and also a Johor delegate exhorted his party: “It is time UMNO stopped asking the Malays to pledge loyalty to the party”.

He is damn right! The party should feel indebted to the Malays for their existence and not the other way round.

“UMNO came into existence because of the Malays. UMNO owe (their) success to the Malays”, he clarified.

A timely reminder.

“In fact, it is time UMNO stopped reminiscing about what it has done for the Malays,” he had said in his speech while debating the presidential policy speech two days ago.

He added that that the biggest challenges facing the Malays were no longer about special rights and privileges or even about Malay supremacy – but the ability to compete and succeed.

He may be an UMNO man but at least, I know he is not stupid. Like the others.

To stay relevant, UMNO need a new narrative. And that is true for all the other BN parties too.

On Friday evening, I was at MidValley City for the Liquid Gold Advanced Toastmasters meeting. This time, I was not even on the speakers' list. But I was still a Speech Evaluator.

Another good meeting! As always!

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