Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Waste Not, Want Not

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A Sarawak mall in Kuching, Plaza Merdeka made a successful bid on October 28, 2016 to set a record for the Malaysia Book of Records – “The Biggest Bowl of Laksa Sarawak”.
The bowl was said to measure 1.3 meters deep and 3.1 meters wide. The Sarawak noodle dish was whipped up from an assortment of ingredients, including 100kg of Sarawak laksa paste, 225kg of rice noodles, 90kg of prawns, 1,008 eggs, 90kg of bean sprouts, and 80kg of chicken. The preparation itself took 18 hours and involved 15 cooks.
As far as I am concerned, it is a wrong record. It should be “The Biggest Food Throwaway”.
This is because once the feat was achieved, the organizing spokesperson, one Debra Sim was quoted telling local daily The Borneo Post: It would be thrown away because it was deemed “unhealthy for human consumption”.
I gave an incredulous gasp! And another for good measure. WTF?!?! Not healthy? Not fit for human consumption?
It can only mean one thing. They had used expired ingredients. Yup, the coconut milk had spoiled but it would seem that they still went ahead.
Thus, the decision to dispose the Sarawak laksa – the equivalent of 1,500 bowls. That was wickedly wasteful!
Sarawak minister of local government Dr. Sim Kui Hian as well as clueless celebrity chef Redzuawan Ismail (or popularly known as Chef Wan) had witnessed the so-called record-breaking event.
Sim, of all people, should have known better! He officiated the event and he missed the opportunity to educate the public (and the organizers) on the ethic of not throwing away food! That act of wastefulness is morally callous! Not to mention the economic and environmental implications of food waste.
Given the blunderous misstep, the feat should be cancelled and the record expunged!
Do you know that Malaysia wastes 15,000 tonnes of food every day, inclusive of 3,000 tonnes of food that can still be consumed? This is said to be equivalent to an estimated three meals a day for 11 million people. We could have fed the impoverished and the homeless in this country many times over.
So this Sarawak episode was recklessly sinful.
Last evening, I was in KL Sentral for the Liquid Gold Advanced Toastmasters meeting – we had organized this special occasion because on this date one year ago, we were chartered as a Toastmasters club.


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