Monday, November 28, 2016

US Election Recount

The US presidential election result is being challenged.

An election recount will take place soon in Wisconsin, after former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein (left) filed a petition Friday with the state’s Election Commission, the first of three states where she has promised to contest the election result.

The move from Stein – who raised millions since her Wednesday announcement that she would seek recounts of Donald Trump’s apparent election victories in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan – came just 90 minutes before Wisconsin’s 5 PM Friday deadline to file a petition.

Stein, who secured 31,006 votes in Wisconsin, was not the only presidential candidate to demand a recount. Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, the Reform Party nominee who got 1,514 Wisconsin votes, also filed a recount petition, according to the state’s Election Commission.

Those are not the only two surprises waiting to ambush Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said it would join the recount although it admitted that it had not seen any irregularities so far in the White House contest won by Trump.

And I’m sure it will be targeting Pennsylvania and Michigan too. After all, Clinton benefits from the vote recount.

Had she won those three states, previously seen as part of the Democrats’ “firewall” – she supposedly would have secured enough electoral votes to win the presidential election.

Wisconsin has the first deadline of the three states in question. If Stein’s campaign wishes to file recount petitions in the other two states – she must do so by Monday to meet Pennsylvania’s deadline, and Wednesday to meet the November 30 deadline in Michigan.

Trump must be furious but for Clinton – a flicker of hope is ignited.

I was in Jalan Sentul, KL on Sunday morning – I attended the wedding of Kamaleswaran Jayarajah & Shreeta Sivarasa. Congratulations to the couple!

I love Indian weddings!

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