Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman's "Kok"-up

I already said we are so fortunate to be in a place where so many clowns come together. (I am discounting the crooks in this particular post).

For sure, there will be no scarcity of humor – although in this country, warped humor is more often than not, a persistent phenomenon.

On Monday, we had a buffoon who wasn’t only trying to be perversely funny – but he is also a misogynist. By purposely targeting Seputeh MP Teresa Kok (left) – he blatantly bared his smutty wickedness.

Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (right) triggered a raucous racket of discordant dissonance when he alluded to the DAP parliamentarian as a "woman with a Kok"!
You don’t need to be a genius to know he was making a rude reference to the male genitalia! His salacious salvo had demeaned, degraded and disparaged a fellow parliamentarian.

If you know Tajuddin, he has carved infamy to himself with his obliging outpouring of oafish obscenities in the Dewan Rakyat in the past. On a regular basis at that. It looks as if he is really trying to outdo himself this time.

And Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee had refused to reprimand Tajuddin – explaining that the latter was merely referring to Kok's "family name". Even a village idiot will know – by the manner in which Tajuddin said it – that it was not! It was unacceptably offensive and undeniably lewd.

Unhappy with Kiandee's ruling, Opposition MPs continued to demand that Tajuddin apologize, with Amanah's Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad even calling Tajuddin "sial" (meaning, “damned”).

The angry arguments, which took place during Question Time, ended only when Kiandee directed proceedings to the next question.

Maybe, the milksop named Tajuddin is insecure and so, he loathes the fact than any person with a "Kok" to his or her name is more "man" than him. I can say that about nearly all of the BN politicians, not just him!

Last evening, I continued my CC manual Round 37 from where I left off Monday. I was at the TMIKL Toastmasters meeting  and I delivered a 'Research Your Topic' speech titled “The Gullibility Factor”. A good speech, methinks!

As a matter of record, this is my 490th project speech.

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