Thursday, November 17, 2016

Malaysian Police Give Warning

As Bersih 5.0 looms, the Inspector-General of Police (right) warned that police will not hesitate to use tear gas and water cannons.
He said Tuesday: “We don’t care if they are red or yellow or green or blue…we will still take action”.

Khalid Abu Bakar had conveniently forgotten that police did just that during Bersih 3.0 – and it had nothing to do with unruly protestors. I know because I was there! They used tear gas and water cannons as the Bersih rally-goers were dispersing. 
Already, Bersih 2.0 chairperson Maria Chin had put it: “We are going to be peaceful, we are not here to fight. The issue is the red shirts”.
She is right!
The Red Shirts head honcho had retorted: “We are prepared to face anything, not only police action…even put our lives on the line”.
The two statements above clearly illustrate their respective intent.
As The Sun’s columnist Citizen Nades wrote: “People are being waylaid along public roads; women are chased around in shopping malls; journalists are being harassed; and there have even been threats to bring down buildings. Have we descended into a lawless state?” (The Sun, November 16, 2016, p 12).
Nadeswaran, of course, was referring to police inaction. And because of that, the emboldened Red Shirts continue to run amok in the country.
Therefore, he was correct to ask the question: “Shouldn’t the priority be law and order?”
Didn’t I say, nothing in Malaysia is a surprise anymore?

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