Sunday, November 13, 2016

Malaysia Won't Cooperate with the Swiss on 1MDB

Malaysia has again rebuffed Switzerland's request for legal assistance in probing suspected corruption linked to scandal-hit state fund 1MDB, the Swiss attorney general's office said Friday.
But it said Kuala Lumpur's decision would not hinder the Swiss probe as it works with other countries on the case.
“We respect Malaysia's independent decision on this matter. However, the Malaysian authorities remain free to use the information provided in Switzerland's requests for assistance in their own investigations,” Attorney General Michael Lauber (left) had said.
The Financial Times had cited the Malaysian attorney-general's chambers as saying it was unable to accede to Switzerland's requests because of a continuing criminal investigation by Malaysian police in relation to matters concerning 1MDB. That investigation is like never-ending and Malaysians are already resigned to the fact that nothing will come out of it.
Furthermore, a source familiar with the 1MDB discussions told Reuters that while Swiss officials publicly allude to expectations that Malaysia will cooperate, privately the Malaysians have demanded that the Swiss drop their investigation!
Malaysian officials were not immediately available to comment.
Lauber's office said in January it suspected misappropriations from 1MDB totaled roughly $4 billion (RM17.6 billion) and alleged last month that a Ponzi scheme may have been set up to conceal an alleged $800 million fraud.
And Swiss federal prosecutors have already opened criminal proceedings against two Swiss private banks and four unidentified people over their links to 1MDB.
I continue to wait patiently for justice to be served.

Still on Donald Trump:

Whether he has charm or not, he still won! His critics must now eat humble pie because Trump is US president-elect! And there's nothing they can do about it!

On Wednesday, I attended the Zuellig Pharma Toastmasters meeting in Shah Alam. I presented a 15-minute session on how to do Impromptu Speaking as well as took on a speech evaluator role.

A good session except that the General Evaluator started videotaping everybody and without permission too. How rude!

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