Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kayveas Wants to Bring Back ISA

People's Progressive Party (myPPP) president M Kayveas is trying very hard to win the “Stupidest Malaysian” Award 2016 – vying with other cerebrally-challenged BN politicians.
On Sunday, he made his first stupid statement. He declared Bersih as "just another branch of the opposition". Obviously, the idiot didn’t know that Bersih is open to all Malaysians, in fact, everybody. As long as he or she subscribes to its agenda. Really, everyone can rally!
And to show he is even stupider, he made a second statement – he labelled Bersih as a group "worse than terrorists", and urging Bersih leaders to "show some class" when accepting the results of an election instead of turning Malaysia into a "marketplace".
He didn’t stop there. Plainly, not satisfied with being dumb and dumber – he proceeded to make a third statement – by far, the stupidest!
Kayveas (left) said: "They've gone out of control. Perhaps, myPPP will propose for the Internal Security Act to be re-enacted once again, that way, it would be easier to control them". WTF?!?!
I am patient with stupid people – but not with those who are proud of it.
But I suppose without Kayveas, Malaysians would have no one to laugh at!

Actually, that's not true. We are blessed with many clowns and crooks in this country. We can keep on laughing and grieving at the same time!  

This is my Malaysia – a country that has gone to the dogs.
Yesterday, I was at the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting in Bangsar, KL to deliver my CC#6 titled “Hope in Hopelessness”.

I was also the Grammarian.

We only had fourteen attendees but it was, still, a quality meeting.

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