Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jamal Yunos Suffers a Nosebleed

Jamal Yunos is seeing red after being punched in the face during a ruckus between the police and his group of red shirts in Kl’s Ampang Point shopping mall:

“Darah pasti diganti dengan darah” (Blood will be paid in blood), the UMNO gangster wrote on his Facebook account on Sunday evening, a couple of hours after the fracas. The posting was accompanied by a screencap of a news article showing Jamal sporting a nosebleed.
“Bersih Binatang. Jumpa 19 Nov tg akan dating” (Bersih are animals. See you on November 19), he wrote in yet another posting.
Bersih supporters were however not around when he got his nose bloodied. 
The red shirts leader and his supporters had spent most of the day pursuing PKR’s Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin and her small band of Bersih supporters throughout her constituency, mocking them as an LGBT group.
The red shirts showed up outside Ampang Point around 3 PM to again harass Bersih supporters when Jamal was seen shoving a man in a Bersih shirt before police stepped in.
Thereafter, the red shirts and Jamal ran into the mall to pursue Zuraida when police again blocked their way.

There was a scuffle between the police and the red shirts – resulting in two red shirts being arrested and Jamal (right) bleeding from his nose.

(Grinning gleefully).

Malaysiakini had also uploaded a video of the incident on Sunday and Jamal was heard shouting: "Polis tumbuk saya" (the police punched me).

Of course, he won’t blame the police. He can't.

And so, he had to allege he was punched by one of Zuraida's men although Bersih supporters had already left by the time the brawl broke out.

Jamal went on to vow that his group would be more aggressive toward Bersih due to this attack.

He later lodged a police report of the incident at Ampang Jaya police headquarters.

Pandan MP Rafizi  Ramli received an 18-month concurrent prison sentence after he was convicted of two charges, i.e. possessing and disclosing contents of the supposedly classified Auditor-General's report on 1MDB under the OSA yesterday.

He will be disqualified from contesting in the next general election unless his conviction is overturned. I am certain an appeal will be filed anytime.

All of this happened because the government refuse to declassify the said A-G report. I understand that a kleptocratic government cannot afford to reveal their dirty secrets.

But then again, Malaysians already know.

Okay, not all Malaysians because there are those in perpetual denial. 

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