Monday, November 14, 2016

Anti Trump Protests Erupt Coast to Coast

Lady Gaga protests against Donald Trump early Wednesday outside Trump Tower in New York. Image credit:

Photo credit: Sebastian Murdock

In downtown Chicago.

In Los Angeles. Photo: Reuters

In Portland. Photo: Joe Reid 

It’s the fifth day (Still Sunday PM EST in New York) since Donald Trump’s (right) unexpected victory and people across the country are still protesting in massive numbers.

People carried signs declaring everything from “hate won’t make us great” to “not my president”, a slogan that many across the country adopted this week following Trump’s stunning victory.

One protestor Britt Kubat, 34, held a sign that read, “Your vote was a hate crime”.

“I thought it was a good way to hold those accountable who voted for Trump”, Kubat explained.

“We cannot normalize this behavior,” another protestor said of Trump’s record of racism and sexism.

“The end game is to say to the country, to the rest of the world, that this is not normal and this is not what we want”.

One protestor said: “I think the purpose of these marches is to show people and the rest of the world that there is great distress and anger about Trump being the president-elect, especially since he didn’t win the full vote of the people”.

Americans have been demonstrating every night since Wednesday from coast to coast. The rallies have remained peaceful for the most part, except for in Portland, Oregon, where one person was shot and injured yesterday.

For many Americans across the country, Trump's presidential win is an outcome they simply refuse to accept.

The US of A is going through interesting times!

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