Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Underwear as Outerwear

Victoria’s Secret is attracting some unhappiness from some quarters because of its ad campaign that shows women wearing its lingerie out on the streets as clothing.
The campaign, “The New (Un) Dress Code: Take it outside in edgy satin & lace.” shows women pairing lace bodysuits with a pair of jeans, mini bustiers with an open jacket and skirt and other lingerie as complements to everyday outfits.
The brand posted some of the ads on its Facebook page and immediately began to draw comments like this relatively tame one: “Bring back real clothes if you want your product to be seen in public.”

Ads for Victoria’s Secret “The New (Un) Dress Code” campaign.

However, Victoria’s Secret may be on to something. It is not exactly a new phenomenon – as already, young women have been mixing and matching lingerie pieces with their everyday clothes.
Underwear as outwear is a bona fide fashion trend as documented by American-based fashion, style and beauty website Refinery29 back in 2014.
Anyway, as far as I am concerned, fashion is a personal statement.

The Red Devils managed to hold Jurgen Klopp's team to a goalless draw.
In fact, the Monday match was boring, dull and subdued.
It was a Manchester United-Liverpool rivalry that wasn’t. It failed to excite. It didn’t deliver. It was a blardy waste of time.
On October 17, 2016, I was at Rumah Puspanita in Jalan Hose, KL for the NAWEM Toastmasters meeting.
I was given a speaking slot and I presented my CC #5 titled “A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush”. A good speech as always but as my Evaluator, Rhoda Omar put it, I could let my body speak even more!

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