Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Sabah Storm

It has been relatively calm in Sabah. I guess that was just the lull before the storm.
When Shafie Apdal (left) quit UMNO on July 04, 2016, the clouds grew dark and ominous. 
And then the clouds gave way and the storm came.

On September 21, PKR Sabah vice-president and Penampang MP Darell Leiking resigned. And he showed where his new loyalty lay. With Shafie.
Then on Sunday, the party’s Sabah chief and Klias assemblyperson Lajim Ukin quit. He even announced plans to form his own party.
And the others followed suit. Including other Sabah PKR leaders like Terrence Siambun (Moyog assemblyperson and information chief), Maijol Mahap (secretary) and Johair Matlan (Wanita chief).
DAP were not spared too. Junz Wong (Likas assemblyperson and secretary), Joan Goh (deputy chairperson), George Hiew (vice-chairperson) and David Williams (treasurer) all threw in their letters.
PKR and DAP are now left licking their wounds. The hurt surely, must have run deep.
But this is Sabah – volatile, unsettled and unpredictable.
The Sabah political situation is changing again. For better or for worse.
As I see it, Sabah for Sabahans seems to be the rallying call.
Yesterday, I was in USJ 1 in Subang Jaya to attend the Extol Toastmasters meeting. I took up two roles – as the Grammarian as well as a speech evaluator.
And I was voted Best Evaluator.


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