Friday, October 7, 2016

The Malaysian who has 5 Doctorates

Some Malaysians are very “perasan” people. They have this overwhelming need to show that they are ‘special’.
That includes putting a “Doctor” in front of their names. Doctor of Philosophy, I mean. As if that makes them really ‘special’.
That explains why Malaysians are generally shallow, superficial and simple-minded. We are easily impressed. We are gullible. We are stupid.
Take the case of this ‘popular’ motivational speaker – Dr. Azizan Osman (left) as he proudly calls himself. If his website ( is to be believed, he is very qualified academically. So, don't play, play!
His motivational talks are raking in big bucks. His 3-day "Millionaire Marketing Mastery" session charges RM2,297 per admission.
And the claims he has been making are like wow!
This Azizan guy possesses Doctorates from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Infrastruktur Kuala Lumpur in Psychology and Business Administration respectively. Not to mention a Honorary doctorate in Entrepreneurship from Universiti Malaya.
And wait, there’s more! He also has a Doctor of Science (Metaphysics) from Gordon University in Florida, USA.
And his latest: A doctorate in psychology from University of Hertfordshire, UK.
How many people do you know who has 5 (five) doctorates?!?!
Anyway, last week, all three Malaysian universities had since issued denials that they had awarded him doctorates.
Left with acute embarrassment, Azizan mumbled about “shortcomings in the operation procedures”, whatever that means!
Also, Gordon University is a well-known degree mill.
And as for the British university – let’s see if the tertiary institution is aware of it and then gives an affirmation or makes a disavowal.
We are all familiar with phony diploma companies, known as “degree mills” that sell a dizzying variety of bogus products – fake degrees from real colleges, real degrees from fake colleges, and fake degrees from real-sounding but fake colleges (prominent among them “Stamford,” “Berkley,” and “Cormell” University).
It is hard to believe that Azizan, a self-proclaimed expert in international sales and marketing and who supposedly achieved massive success with an unidentified London-based organization – can be easily duped.
I am not so unkind. I don’t want to believe that.
Maybe, it’s a ‘hobby’ for him – collecting ‘doctorates’. 
Like me lah! I collect Toastmasters awards! And I have more than 5.

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Edward said...

Let us say he is in the right place at the right time ie when the Malays hunger for someone to tell them how to become successful. He is filling a niche. He takes the opportunity and is very successful at it too. Good luck to him and too bad for all those he duped, ah but no: they all jump to his defence.