Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No "Hard Brexit"

The SNP had declared that British Prime Minister Theresa May has no democratic mandate to pursue a “hard Brexit’ that would sever political and trade ties with the European Union.
May need to be reminded that most Scots voted for the UK to stay in the EU, unlike their compatriots in England and Wales. And the Brexit outcome may just re-open the case for another referendum on Scottish independence after 2014’s vote to stay in the UK.
Last week, May’s pronouncement that she would embark on talks to begin the process of exiting from the EU by end of March 2017, it triggered heavy falls in the pound sterling, which finished the week at a 31-year low.
It seems that much of the sterling’s decline was driven by concern that May’s Tory government favors a “hard Brexit’ which curbs migration from the EU, rather than a “soft Brexit” which emphasizes maintaining close economic ties.
The Scottish National Party chairperson Derek Mackay described the Conservative vision as the “narrow-minded xenophobia” of “the most reactionary right-wing Tory government in modern times”.
On Saturday evening, I was at the Pusat Komersil Parklane in Jalan SS7/26 in PJ’s Kelana Jaya. This is the premise of the Malaysian Dental Association and I was there to evaluate Ricky Soo’s oft-repeated speech at this demo meeting.


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