Saturday, October 8, 2016

Melting Skull Makeup

Halloween always falls on the last day of October. This year, I challenge you to try out Desi Perkins' creepy melting skull makeup:

If you’re game, I will see you on Monday, October 31, somewhere in KL – and we can have the fright of our lives.
Continuing from yesterday's blog post.
University of Hertfordshire has a reputation to safeguard. And Azizan Osman, the Malaysian who has collected five doctorates – and which includes one from the said university, is likely to suffer from epic embarrassment.
And only because Anne Austin, an assistant registrar at the university had written a letter dated October 06, 2016: “…I can confirm that this award was not issued by the University of Hertfordshire and we believe this information to be fraudulent".
The authenticity of the letter was also confirmed by the university via its Twitter.
So, every single doctorate that Azizan has is a fake. And Azizan is a fake too.

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