Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gerakan's Chauvinism is Exposed

DAP, please STOP IT!!!
I don’t like it one bit when DAP throw mud at Gerakan’s legal and human rights bureau chief Baljit Singh (left) for suggesting that his almost-dead party should field women who are "beautiful, sweet, energetic, sexy, and (are) willing to give it (their) all" to ensure electoral victory for the party.
I don’t want to point the finger at Baljit. Granted that his vocabulary is obviously extremely limited – but I think he knows more than just the four adjectives.

And although he may have inadvertently exhibited his chauvinism, I don't think he actually meant it.

Let's not take it out of context. I am very sure Baljit thinks the world of women. He may not be as clever as the rest of us – but his heart is in the right place. At least I hope so.

Not everybody can articulate their thoughts well – so please give him a break! We should not mock Baljit just because he lacks the cerebral capability – and I am not even talking about intellectual capacity which is most likely, non-existent.

Please don’t make fun of those who are mentally challenged.

Besides, his cognitive ability will already be severely tested for as long as he is with Gerakan. What can you expect from a party that are bankrupt of ideas and which have been dismissed, spurned and rejected by right-thinking Malaysians at the elections?

And Baljit is showing us his infantile idiocy because he happens to have learned well from Gerakan in how to vocalize puerile poppycock.

I certainly hope that in the next GE, Malaysians can hammer in the final nail into the Gerakan coffin so that the country can be spared from more applesauce absurdity. It’s about time, we tell Gerakan to stay dead. Permanently.

I would not scold Baljit because he didn’t know any better. Instead, I would reprimand retrogressive Gerakan because the party like many Malaysian institutions, are blighted by patriarchy and therefore, they have become breeding grounds for misogyny.

There is nothing wrong with Baljit expressing a wish to have more women join Gerakan and fight for their lost cause.

Women of any size and shape should be given due representation everywhere. Not just the beautiful, sweet, energetic and sexy. 

So Diyana Sofea and Syerleena Abdul Rashid – you may not have directly said it but in so many words, you believe Baljit is darn stupid. As a result, you may have hurt his feelings.

I really thought you already knew he is stupid. So, there's no need to tell the whole world lah. It is not very nice.

And as for the party which had lost their way a long time ago – why don’t they “go and die” quietly? I would be more than happy to give a strikingly short eulogy.

Just four words. "Happy. Please stay dead"

On Tuesday, I was at the Taman Indrahana Toastmasters meeting – and it is always nice to see familiar faces.

I was there to deliver a CC #3 speech titled “All Lies” – this being my 37th round. It must have been a good speech because I received this ribbon!


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